Advocacy is the cornerstone of our Life Care Planning services at San Diego Elder Law Center. Problems related to admissions, attempted discharge, improper transfers and inadequate therapy are just a few of the issues we routinely face. The consumer has significant rights under State and Federal law, frequently ignored in the haste of discharge and care planning and in the press of business at health care facilities. At San Diego Elder Law Center, we know the law and applicable regulations. Through our attorneys, paralegal staff and Care Coordinator, we help our Life Care Planning clients assert their rights to the care needed to attain their highest practicable level of health, social and psychological functioning. If there is an issue, we will first attempt to negotiate with facility staff through our Care Coordinator. This usually will solve most problems. If not, our attorneys can file administrative actions for appropriate orders and rulings. There is no charge for our advocacy services for our Life Care Planning clients. It is part of their annual fee.

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