How Do I Get Started?

Typically, our initial contact with a family is in a crisis demanding immediate action, or soon after a diagnosis of a debilitating chronic condition. Being unexpectedly faced with these situations, trying to identify what needs to be done, and finding oneself in a complex maze seeking legal, medical, and social support, can be daunting and overwhelming. The most common thing we hear is “I don’t even know where to begin!”

In Life Care Planning, our first step is to meet with our clients and their families to identify what is happening, and what their needs are, both immediate, and long term. Our Care Coordinator will perform a health care assessment and consider appropriate placement and supportive care options.  At the same time, Mr. Lindsley and our legal staff will be analyzing the family income and assets, and helping identify resources, public benefits, and prioritizing what needs to be done.  Our legal team and care coordinator will work together, and with other professionals,  to make sure that the legal and financial plan serves the care plan, and that the care plan considers the appropriate use of financial resources.  We will meet with the family to discuss these findings, and offer specific care, benefits, and legal recommendations. We will listen to their questions and concerns, and work together to implement the legal and care strategies that best meet their needs. 

Over time, we will update the Life Care Plan as the client's care needs, program eligibility, and quality of life choices change. We will continue to be your advocate throughout the entire Life Care Plan term.

If you are interested exploring Life Care Planning for your family, you begin with a phone call to our office.

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