Do I Need a Trust?

Most people have heard that a living trust can help people “avoid probate.” For those whose estates have at least $166,250 in probate assets, this is indeed true. This can make a trust a very wise investment as probate fees can become expensive, and the entire probate process can be stressful and time-consuming. At San Diego Elder Law Center, the revocable (or “living”) trust is usually the cornerstone of an integrated estate plan.

For some people, there are other good reasons for a trust beyond probate avoidance:

  • Desire for public benefits planning options
  • Desire to specify how you will be cared for if disabled
  • "Blended" families
  • Problem children or in-laws
  • Special needs or disabled family member
  • Desire to appoint non-family member to manage assets

These are just a few of many reasons a trust may be a beneficial cornerstone of your estate plan.

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